Come on Down!

OK: So revolution might be too strong a word, but we at The Breakroom did indeed envision what could happen in an empty space—where community, celebration, team-building, and all sorts of creative genius were encouraged to bust loose.

And now (drumroll, please): We’re ready for you!

Come celebrate the grand opening of our grand vision toward creating Bend’s most colorfully creative meeting space. The Breakroom offers a little something for everyone who has a vision of what could be, with space to:

  • Celebrate: Honor your favorite people here! 50th wedding anniversary? Graduation party? Baby shower? Our space offers a creative canvas for every life celebration.
  • Meet: Bring your brightest minds together in Bend’s brightest spot, filled with signature tablescapes and eclectic furnishings that spark all kinds of possibilities.
  • Train: Turn a requisite class or training into a memorable occasion—including energy-boosting delectables from Newport Ave. Market.
  • Escape: Steal away to plan your next creative idea, rejuvenate your soul, or simply daydream over your favorite activities, beverages, and snacks.

Did You Know?

  • An Indiana University study showed that group celebrations, far more than just fun and games, actually release stress and strengthen health and well-being due to increased perceived social support. And people who feel supported often give back more to others.
  • According to the Harvard Business Review, people who use coworking spaces see the work they do as more meaningful. Not only that, additional benefits of co-working include increased productivity, networking, and collaboration; stronger flexibility in terms of working schedules; and greater cost-savings.
  • Creative people are perceived as more curious, playful, open-minded, flexible, sensitive, intuitive, and risk-taking than average folk. And we know you are far from average, so you’ll fit in just great here. Plus, studies suggest 72 percent of creative people—nearly three-quarters!—get their creative ideas in the shower.*

How many more reasons do you need to check out The Breakroom at NW 11th & Newport Ave.? Come on down: We’ve got a space just for you.

*Sadly, The Breakroom does not have shower facilities. Please shower before arriving. 😉

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